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From the garden to the table, cooking with flowers

Recipes & Cooking

The use of flowers in gastronomy is not recent, East Orange and lemon blossoms, were used as a basis for preparing condiments and preserves. The Mediterranean countries and Mexico are widely known by ...

Cooking with Flowers

Recipes & Cooking

Do you think cooking with flowers is something new? Not really. Cooking with flowers was already performed by ancient cultures such as the Roman, Greek and Hindu centuries. The culinary use of flowers...

Negative thoughts make you sick

Personal Development

Any negativity of the mind is a message to our physical body, any refusal makes our body stores it, if your complete being: Spirit, Mind and the physical body, is not in positive harmony, the body get...



Honey from "La Alcarria" THOUSAND FLOWERS - 1 Kg

Characteristics The natural region of the Barren plateau produces an exquisite honey with an extraor...

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Linden Flowers Essence oil - 8.5 ml

How to use aromatheraphy oils: BATH Add 6-12 drops of your favourite oil or blend. Add just be...

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Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 articles) 1 

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