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Cooking with Saffron and enjoying its advantages

Recipes & Cooking

The pistils of a flower are collected for exquisite flavors in gastronomy for many years, its cultivation has not been easy and therefore its cost is higher because it is necessary that its collection...

Flower therapy: The flowers of Saint Germain

Alternative Therapies

The flower essences are subtle liquid extracts, which are taken orally and that carry the power of the flower from which it extracts the essence. This serves to transform deep issues relating to emoti...

Polaris Aurea Center

Nature Center

Center Polaris Aurea was born as Natural Therapy Center in order to strengthen the body, mind and soul. It works with a variety of therapies for overcoming those illnesses, or physical or psychologica...



Corn flower (Centaurea cyanus L) - 30 g

It is traditionally used topically in cases of mild ocular irritation or discomfort, and in the soft...

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Opium Flower Essence Oil - Radhe Shyam - 8,5 ml

Essence of MuskHow to use:Essential oils can be used individually or combined to create your own com...

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Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 articles) 1 

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