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Organic agriculture and fight against global warming

Organic Farming

Across Europe, about 90% of the biological activity of the cultivated soils has been destroyed by intensive agriculture. The most affected areas are the tree and the vine. However, the biological acti...

FAO supports the Organic Agriculture

Organic Farming

Organic agriculture is a system of production management that avoids use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and genetically modified organisms, minimizes pollution of air, soil and water, and optimi...

Celebration of World Food Day

Diet News

The historic center of Rome will be the scene of a foot race with a distance of five kilometers, one of the events to take place in over 150 countries on the occasion of World Food Day, on October 16t...

Ensuring safer food for all


Alimentarius Codex Commission, the UN body that deals with establishing rules on quality and food safety at international level, will meet in Geneva within the next July 3rd and 7th to discuss a serie...

Eco-labelling for sea products

Organic Farming News

Committee on Fisheries of FAO, at its 26th session held from March 7th to 11th, approved a set of voluntary guidelines for the ecolabelling of fish products.



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