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Peeling: An option to renew the skin on your face

Facial Care

Can you imagine taking off a layer of your skin and say goodbye to spots, fine lines, and dead skin cells in your face? Broadly speaking, that is peeling. Peeling is based on removing the surface laye...

Exfoliate your skin once a week


The first step to exfoliate is to have a sponge or with the help of the hand, but with the first form is better. You must purchase a different exfoliating cream for your body than for your face. There...

The importance of Exfoliating the skin


Dry skin, spotty when you make up, opaque, with some irritation, low humidity, etc. are some of the symptoms that occur when there are dead cells in the skin. Natural regeneration of the skin takes ab...



Burdock peeling - 10 ml

Vegetal Burdock peeling apt for all the skins - Prepared destined to desescamar the most external l...

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Syrup sap - Madal Bal - 500 ml

Syrup of sap is made up of palm and maple sap. The palm and maple sap comes from the vast forests of...

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Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 articles) 1 

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