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Phenylalanine: benefits and side effects

The strength, vitality and youthfulness of the body depend on a good balance of nutrients to keep it healthy. And phenylalanine is one of those essential components in our health. The phenylalanine is...

Do not mix fruit with your meals

If you are someone who normally eat a fruit for dessert, right after lunch or dinner and then don’t understand the reasons for your digestive problems, here we explain you why you shouldn’t mix th...

Control your Diabetes with Yacon

If you had never heard of “yacon”, it is time to know it, especially if you are a patient diagnosed with diabetes. You should know that this native plant comes from the Andes, it contains a specia...

No Wrinkles with this Super Effective Diet

Creams, ointments, masks and other products on the market make us believe that the strength and youth of the skin depends only on them, and although effective creams are important supplements to keep ...

The perfect breakfast

Have you ever asked if the breakfast you take contains all the nutrients your body needs in order to start the morning with energy? Or maybe you are someone who just take a glass of milk or yogurt bec...

Do not overdo your consumption of soda

An increasing number of studies that account for the toxicity of soda, sweetened beverages that contribute most to the incidence of diseases like diabetes, cholesterol and overweight, as well as decre...

Care and post-operation diet (appendicitis)

Appendicitis is an inflammation of the mucosa of the appendix which, when obstructed by pus, may break and reach the peritoneum, leading to peritonitis. When appendicitis is acute, requires emergency ...

Phospholipids (lecithins) ... to enrich the diet

Phospholipids are a structural component of the cell membrane. They are a type of lipid or fat composed of a glycerol molecule. Summarizing, we can say that the phospholipids are generally lipids cont...

Fatigue and tiredness: diet and recipes to combat them

Fatigue and tiredness are normal symptoms when the body asks for a break. However, when we feel fatigued or tired during the day despite having rested, or when you get tired often without knowing the ...

Kidney infections, recipes and diet to combat them

Kidney infections can be treated naturally with the following recommendations. It is important to know the symptoms and causes of this condition to be detected, prevented and cured.

Anemia: diet, recipes and food to combat it

The best remedy to treat anemia is through quality food. Anemia is characterized by a decrease of red blood cells (hemoglobin) in blood, and which generates a series of symptoms such as fatigue, decre...

Nutritional Guide to regenerate myelin and maintain a healthy brain

Myelin is a lipoprotein that is found in the body of vertebrates and which covers the stem of the neurons or nerve cells, so its function is being the transmission and routing of electrical nerve impu...

How to eat well with a low budget

In these hard times, from the economic point of view, a considerable number of Europeans have difficulties in purchasing food and making efforts to save in the shopping cart. There is a widely held mi...

Diet and nutrition guide for treating varicose veins and hemorrhoids

Varicose veins are weakened veins that appear with a blue color especially in the legs, thighs, etc., and which are mainly due to a disorder of blood circulation. Hemorrhoids, on the other hand, also ...

Diet and Nutrition Guide for People with Cancer

This nutrition guide is for people with cancer, especially for people who are exposed to chemical treatments, chemotherapy and drugs; it will help to treat this disease. Remember that chemical treatme...

Displaying 31 to 60 (of 97 articles) «12 34»

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