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Healthy Foods For the XXI Century

Eating with consciousness is to start realizing that we must eat to live, not live to eat. Fortunately, today more and more people realize the great importance of knowing about food and how to combine...

Herbs and natural techniques to preserve food

Most chemical preservatives and additives that are added to many foods such as cereals, flour, yoghurt, cheeses, breads, canned goods, etc. to keep them in good condition; they are irritating and harm...

Dark green leafy vegetables: major health benefits

Among the pulses, we find a rich variety of colors and flavors. Each vegetable has different qualities and properties, all of them are great sources of minerals and vitamins, and this time we focus on...

Molasses and Natural Sweeteners

A sweetener is a sugar substitute that can be added in desserts, water, bread and so on. There are artificial and natural sweeteners; one of the properties of these substitutes is that they tend to co...

Healthy and nutritious substitutes for cow's milk

They say that the custom is stronger than love. And the habit of drinking cow's milk is undoubtedly one of the strongest in many people. Cow's milk is reputed to be essential for growth and health. Bu...

Phytonutrients: powerful effects on the body

The phytonutrients, also known as phytochemicals, are compounds of the plants themselves that provide various benefits to the body and are connected in some way with the pigments of plants and are usu...

Ginger: properties, uses and more

This herbaceous plant, taste and smell spicy, exotic and highly aromatic, has been used for culinary and medicinal purposes for thousands of years. The part of ginger which is useful for such purposes...

Benefits of Cold Extracted Oils

When we buy oil, like sesame, olive, sunflower, etc., very few of look at details that seem "small" as if the oil is pure, cold extracted, and so on. But we should consider, from now on, the rate of e...

About Kefir

It is a food that has yoghurt consistency which is prepared by mixing various yeast and bacteria added with water or milk. It is of creamy consistency, but can also have acid milk aspect, very nutriti...

Properties and Uses of Gelatin and Grenetina

The grenetina is a food that has been used since the time of ancient Egypt not only as a basis to prepare food but to produce cosmetics and medicines.

Carque: plant to lose weight, cleanse your skin and more ...

The Carque (Baccharis crisp) is a shrub that wound measuring up to 1.5 m. tall, with flowers arranged in small clusters, sessile, whose stems can take many beneficial properties for the body, which hi...

NuVal system: the quality of food from 1 to 100

Dieting, eating well, eating healthy, losing weight, gaining weight, and so on. Choosing foods to eat and which to discard is an issue that makes some people lose sleep, while others do not care and /...

Seitan: vegetable meat

The vegetable mea of wheat gluten is called Seitan, which is found in the germ of the wheat kernel, being more vital and energetic. Wheat gluten is obtained by natural processes and which also contain...

The wonders of Goji

The fruit of the Goji (Licium barbaricum) is native to the area of the Himalayas and has been used in China for thousands of years to improve and maintain health and longevity. In the Himalayas, where...

Seaweed extract, carrageenan and cancer

Many processed foods we consume contain a number of elements and chemicals to, even though they have been stored for a long time, reach the consumer in perfect condition, and have good texture, good c...



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Displaying 61 to 90 (of 118 articles) «123 4»

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