Death, Change and Transformation Tod, Wandel und Transformation Muerte, Cambio y Transformación

Death, Change and Transformation


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Death, Change and Transformation

Death can be understood as an end, the termination of life or as the completion or termination of the body or an experience or thing, although in some cultures and religions, death is a transitional moment, a necessary step towards a new world toward a new consciousness or reality.

After the death of anything, a hope, a tree, one day, a person or a star, seems to have hidden a time of birth, death is, for some, the time necessary for the closure of a cycle and the opening a new one, which somehow can be observed in all living bodies of nature: the tree is renewed with the earth, a star or a body gives its energy to a new body, a hope that seems to fuel a new and more intense after an exhalation, the inspiration.

The death, according to culture and religion, is granted from celebrations, flowers and offerings to feelings of rejection, indifference or even contempt. Death inspires creators, artists and writers of all ages and countries, reflections, rituals, values and actions that suggest this transition time had acquired very interesting and different habits in every place in the world, each of them trying to complement them or make sense of a powerful mobile mandala called Life, which is made up of all things that exist in the universe.

However, in spite of how we understand, and though part of a transitional moment, confronting with this conclusion usually is not easy, let go of either one thing, person or life experience is one of the moments that seems to cost more to humans, especially when what we have to drop is an important part of us, and it seems that there is something we can do to live without that.

In nature, when a flower or a tree dies, no doubt, no agitation, nor pain. In nature, things just happen with no resistance, things move and flow, it seems to be nothing to prevent this process of life. In the east, the culture of death is something like, death is accepted in its true dimension of radical change, people are prepared to confront it, observed as a natural step, without anxiety, sin is understood as a mere transgression of the law to be offset by the Law of Karma, man is not considered sinful or bad, which makes it easier to spontaneous acceptance of this heading, and the encounter with God. Their belief in reincarnation makes the moment of death be a step towards a chance at other life, where correct and glorify the soul.

In the West, on the other hand, there are still many places where it is believed in sin, evil and a final trial, when God will judge the actions which we lived on Earth, and decide the fate of the soul arranging them either in a Heaven or Hell, where the soul may already be enjoyed by the good deeds performed or, alternatively, suffer punishment if the soul is evil. This makes understand death in a terrible starting point, the person causing an overwhelming feeling of guilt that causes much anxiety and resistance, as well this time is considered as an endpoint, where nothing can be done but Superior trial and expect a final showdown.

Letting go

Our reaction to having to let go one thing, relationship, loved one or experience, it seems that is closely related to the conception we have about physical death: the process of separation from anything, it will be painful and compelling as we have the notion that something is definitely just as it departs, leaves or simply stop living. We will suffer and we will comply feeling disconnect with what is going away.

If you look, nothing can actually go, everything is somehow connected, power can only be converted, and death is necessary to be reborn into new creative possibilities. Every moment of transition is a step that enriches only a human being in all aspects, perhaps to take time to realize the importance of the completion process, and understand that the pain they cause separation can be a great messenger inviting us to value life from new positions. 

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3 Reviews “Death, Change and Transformation”

on 01/05/2015
Recently I have been thinking more and more of death. Not anticipating my own to accept and understand death. A friend of a friend just passed away really young (21 years old), and it rocked me to the core. Death really needs to be addressed.
on 01/06/2014
on 01/06/2013
Wow, I never thought about dead in this way, it?s a good point of view, I think that this could change a lot my life, well if I see death as a time to change, I mean the end of every little thing is important but in a different way as we believe. I do not believe in hell or heaven but I?m still afraid of death

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