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Escape to Tibet: Far from stress and everyday life

Stress and Anxiety

The search for new destinations increasingly distant and often unknown, today is not due to a simple need for adventure. Extended work schedules, long hours at the computer or driving a car in congest...

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Ayurveda or the Science of Life


The impressive body that Madonna has maintained and appears thirty years ago, when almost reaching her fifties, may be due to the practice of medicine. Ayurveda or the Science of Life, is surely the w...

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Feeling the Fall


The season of harvest is a good time to finish the projects that started in the spring and summer and to launch projects more oriented towards the house and ourselves. Autumn is the driest season of t...

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Pu-erh red tea ... Preparation, Origin and History


In China, a country that 'invented' the tea, the luxury is the Pu-Erh, known as "tea of the emperors", as was formerly reserved for the nobility. At first it was taken only as a pleasant drink, and wa...

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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine

Universe is expanding. The nature of all things is permanent movement, the movement generates transformation. The microcosm and the macrocosm are developed and transformed in these characteristics.

CHINA-OEL Nasal Decongestant - 25 ml

CHINA-OEL Nasal Decongestant - 25 ml

FIELDS OF APPLICATION  Coughing, hoarseness, phlegm: Put 2-3 drops hot and fresh water and dri...

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