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Legumes: friends of the diet of XXI century


In a previous article, we talked about whole grains and their importance in this century, based on the book by Laura Kohan, entitled Healthy Foods for the XXI century. The book is as fertile as an exq...

Carob flour recipes

Recipes & Cooking

The mystical and aromatic carob plant is from the family of the legumes and thus bears fruit in the form of pods. Seed powder is a very sweet flour with cocoa flavor and quite similar in many therapeu...



Carob Organic Cookies - 250 g

The mystic and aromatic carob tree is of the legume family and it bears fruit in the form of sheath....

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Organic carob flour - 350 g

Nutritional analysis per 100 g: Energy: 354,72 Kcal/1528, 84 Kj  Protein: 4.87 g H. ...

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