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Diet for weight gain


Even though it may sound simple, gaining weight can be a fairly complicated task for underweight individuals. However, by making just a few changed in our diet and habits, we can achieve natural and ...

Eat well during the day and slim during night


"Eat breakfast like king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper" is a popular saying that today is not only advisable to follow, science itself has proven to be ideal for maintaining a healthy ...

Honey: A sweet treasure


The honey is not only a sweetener; it is also antiseptic and source of vitamins. You might have heard that honey is beneficial for consumption, but the benefits do not end there, honey can even be use...

4 Desserts with less than 150 calories

Fruit recipes

A dessert is the end of our meals but sometimes that end has usually even more calories than our main dish, so we ended up giving them up . Yet there are many ways to eat these without guilt , with li...

How to avoid interrupting your diet: The 4 most common errors

Lose weight

Eating a balanced way can be a difficult task especially when there are thousands of ways to turn a light meal into a combo filled with calories. How many times have we believed that we are eating a h...

Sauces and low fat dressings

Recipes & Cooking

Sauces and dressings are often a problem for the heart by the large amount of butter, cream, oil, eggs or cheese they require. To reduce fat dressings, a good idea is to use these ingredients.

Keep your line during this holiday season


Christmas is coming, and you're scared because you’ve kept your weight all year and do not want to gain more? Inevitably, we feel attracted to all food consumed on these dates: bread, biscuits, choc...

Medium chain triglycerides: an option to earn calories


While it is more common to hear comments related to the most convenient way to lose weight, there is also a large group of people eager to find the best way to gain energy or gain weight healthfully. ...

10 Sports Nutrition Tips

Sports nutrition

Surprise! Diets low in calories (less than 1200 calories a day) cause more harm than good. Calorie intake slows the metabolic rate and forces your body to store calories as fat. For an adult woman eat...

The Chocolate Diet


The diet of sweet chocolate has the secret in right combination of this dark delicacy with other foods and not spending even a gram of the allowable daily dose. And thanks to its high contribution of ...



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