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Yoga to control your weight

Training and Exercises

Yoga is a philosophy of life that helps the physical, mental and spiritual individual. The poses also known as asanas have curative, preventive and recuperative properties.

You can reduce your Stress

Emotional Intelligence

If you arrive home usually concerned, tired, irritable and eager to exploit the problems and tensions that brings you the job, take the time, breathe, do not put a foot in your home with all those bad...

Stress damages the Skin


Relax, breathe deeply, do not stress, because this not only can cause that your immune system weakens and attract diseases, but also can accelerate aging and damage your skin.

Children with asthma

Pregnancy & Parenting

What is asthma? Helping a child with asthma to recover is perhaps the intention that people around the kid have. There are many ways to support not only reducing symptoms, but recovery or cure of this...

Breathing well: energy, beauty, youth... and a flat stomach


Among demanding activities and a fast life, usually we do not pay attention to what we take for granted, that occurs without awareness, it happens every second and that is one of major exercises of th...



Aloe Vera, Organic Juice - 1 Liter

Pure Organic Aloe Vera Juice Aloe Vera juice is obtained from the gel extracted from fresh leaves o...

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Mint (Mentha sativa) - 25 g

Traditional Use: to treat indigestion and intestinal colic, intestinal stress relieving and toning t...

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