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The Joy of Wellness

Cartilage: how to regain movement and prevent deterioration

Do your knees hurt?  Does your leg bother you when you walk?  Is it hard to move some area of your body?  This could be related to a cartilage condition, which make fluid movement possible, providing ...
Diets and Nutrition, Natural Remedies - Posted on 08/05/2016, 2 Comments

Watsu - A relaxing and health promoting bath massage

Hello everyone! Quite often the Summer holidays are synonymous with more time for ourselves: It's time we can use to perform new activities, make new and healthy recipes, test new treatments or therap...
Health and Beauty, Natural Remedies - Posted on 06/14/2016, 0 Comments

The importance of food pigmentation

Sometimes our eyes can tell us more than we think, at least this proves to be the case in plant-based foods, which with their wide range of colours, are not only aesthetically appealing and interestin...
Diets and Nutrition - Posted on 06/06/2016, 0 Comments

Stop Worrying about the Sun

Summer is here and what we want more than anything is to go on vacation without worrying about getting burnt, and ultraviolet rays damaging skin.  That's why you need to take the best care possible, s...
Health and Beauty - Posted on 06/01/2016, 0 Comments

Organic Food: Truths and Misconceptions

For those who have had the opportunity to consume organic foods, we will all have detected different shapes and textures, and many may even go as far to say a different and/or better flavour too. Howe...
Diets and Nutrition - Posted on 05/23/2016, 0 Comments

Sin Gluten

White Paper on Celiac Disease

To ensure early diagnosis and treatment as early as possible, specialists in Madrid presented the White Paper on Celiac Disease. The main idea is to promote awareness of celiac disease with a ...
Celiac News - Posted on 10/02/2013, 0 Comments

Celiac disease: better detection methods

Better detection methods: Although celiac disease often presents as a difficulty for those who suffer unknowingly, today we can say that coming to an encouraging respect. Because most of the players ...
Celiac News - Posted on 10/02/2013, 0 Comments

A report discusses the detection of gluten in foods

The celebration next Thursday for a day in which experts discuss celiac disease will be the forum to submit a monitoring report for the detection of gluten in foods. Under the title "Analytical...
Celiac News - Posted on 10/02/2013, 0 Comments

New project to help celiacs

Once again, the celiac community receives good news to help celiacs because with the inertia to change and find implications that favor commitments, has launched the Project to Aid Spanish Celiac (PAC...
Celiac News - Posted on 10/02/2013, 0 Comments

Solidarity and gluten Oven

In the Special School No. 501 of Tandil, Argentina, students comprehensive training group are developing a project entitled Solidaririty gluten oven, from which address local needs with a commitment t...
Celiac News - Posted on 10/02/2013, 0 Comments