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Facial Care

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Beautiful Mouth

There are two key points to have a pretty mouth, lips and teeth. The lips are one of the most sensual and sexy body parts; you smile with them and are one of the first points of contact between two pe...

Natural Cosmetics: Facial cleaning and natural cosmetics

Since ancient history, the illusion of showing a younger and beautiful skin led experts and wise men, who understood the power of nature to heal diseases, to find ingredients to prepare ointments and ...

Reaffirm the facial skin (combat and prevent sagging)

Having a pretty, young and firm face is the result of certain habits and secrets. Sagging skin is not only an aesthetic problem, but reveals some nutrient deficiencies and other issues that can remedy...

Fungi in the face: treatment and secrets to heal your skin

Creams, ointments, and tablets and you still cannot remove the mushrooms in your face? They go away but come back again? Is your skin tired of treatments? If you really want to say goodbye to fungi an...

Oily skin: say goodbye to it with these natural secrets

Oily skin is characterized by excessive accumulation of sebum or oil on the surface of the skin, which causes a pronounced sheen on the skin and a series of imbalances that can lead to other skin cond...

Cuperosis or Facial Flushing: Causes and Natural Treatment

Flushing or getting red is a natural reaction of the body, we have all experienced an intense blush at least once either when we feel a little embarrassed or when we are in love. However, when the fac...

Red or opaque eyes: Food, juices and tips for cleaning them

Red eyes are due to ocular blood vessels when they get swollen and dilated, which causes that the surface of the eye looks red with spider mites or injected by blood.

Spots in your face? Herbs, creams and accessories for deletion

The spots on the face are perhaps the most aesthetic problem since they are difficult to hide. These usually occur due to several causes, it’s not a health problem but a symptom of an imbalance with...

Erase wrinkles and strengthen the skin with herbal treatments

Among the long list of virtues of the plants is that one of helping the skin stay young, fresh and radiant. Remedies often turn to expensive, complex and time consuming and also don’t satisfy our ae...

Beautiful eyelashes

Do you like long and thick eyelashes? Many girls spend a lot of time putting attractive their eyelashes, trying to make them look thick, long and curly. True, nice lashes can highlight the eyes giving...

Boils and pimples on your face: fight them naturally

Boils are very large grains that are formed due to an infection acquired in the skin, which does not spring to the surface unless they are open or helping them to burst, although in many cases this re...

Masks of honey for a perfect skin

Wrinkles? Scars? Dry skin? Sagging or aging? Infections? Get help from honey since it has the solution. This gold food, gift of nature, is one of the most versatile products in health and beauty. In a...

Healthy and beautiful lips: health and beauty tips

The lips are one of the most erotic and attractive parts of the body, are the doors through which we express what we want and feel, with them kiss and make gestures of sweetness or disapproval, allow ...

Take care of the delicate skin of your eyes

Throughout the body, the skin around the eyes (lower, upper lids, etc.) is one of the most sensitive and delicate. If you do not care enough in this area and procure enough attention, this area of you...

Goodbye to dark circles: natural remedies to prevent and eliminate

The dark circles are those bags under the eyes or lumps that may form either by a poor diet, lack of rest, infection, irritation, etc. To fix them you can use many remedies as make up to avoid noticin...

Displaying 31 to 52 (of 52 articles) «12 

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