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Apple to cure stomach (ulcers, pain, heartburn, gastritis, etc.)


The apple is a good fruit for our health. They say that if you want to keep the doctor away, you should eat an apple a day, at least. This fruit, with sweet taste and crunchy flesh, has great health b...

Care and clean your kidneys naturally


Did you know that every day your kidneys purify 200 liters of blood of which about 2 liters becomes waste and excess water? The function of this organ often is unnoticed by us, and we don’t give the...

The apple diet


Practical, short and effective, this diet is a favorite of those who do not like restrictions or long periods of abstinence of certain foods, and also like to keep their weight, health and feeling of ...

Do you want some apple ice cream? (Recipes with apple)

Fruit recipes

The apple is one of the foods with the highest nutritional value and energy, also serve to help the recovery from various ailments, is widely used in food to prepare dishes, especially baked goods . I...

Dietary Fiber


Before providing any dietary supplement, it is advisable to consult a professional, because he is the one who has to assess whether or not there is the need to include these supplements in the diet as...



Green apple parfum candle - 19 cm

Please follow these tips in order to maximize your enjoyment of our candles: - Never leave a bu...

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Rice biscuits with Apple Organic

Health Benefits:Apart from the known benefits of brown rice, apple juice concentrate is particularly...

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