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Hugs: More than just a gesture

Personal Development

The words of your loved ones can make you feel better when you're sad. When you're celebrating, a call, phone messages and words that make you happy, however, there is nothing like a good hug.

The balance between giving and receiving affection

Emotional Intelligence

We all have the ability to exchange affection. While some people's motto is "giving without expecting anything in return" others are just looking for affection, without giving it. Some people find it ...

Down Kids: talents without limits

Pregnancy & Parenting

Having a child with Down syndrome in the family does not have to mean pain, distress or misfortune that we have to live through a difficult situation. Perhaps receiving the news may cause some impact,...

Pats, Hugs and Attention

Dating and Love

The embraces, caresses and looks are one of the most pleasurable experience to invite closeness to another human being, is a delight to feel embraced, cherished and under the light of deep and loving ...



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Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 articles) 1 

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