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4 tips for weight loss psychology


Many people who try to lose weight are experiencing difficulties during this process because dieting is not only to stop eating this and that eliminating fat and toxins accumulated in the body, but di...

10 Food that beautify nails, skin and hair


If your skin, nails or hair is brittle or weak, or simply you want to enhance their beauty or make them more beautiful for these coming holidays, nothing better to start now to consider in your diet t...

8 Keys for Integral Health


While the planet's health is our responsibility, so is our health: we are a nature to attend to, a body and mind that we must stop polluting, destroying and should learn to respect and love the plants...

Guide for New Vegetarians


If you are switching to a vegetarian diet by health benefits, you'll be glad to know that there is another great additional advantage in the vegetarian food as delicious and fun to explore new foods. ...



Damiana, Leaves (Turnera aphrodisiaca) - 40 g

Other common names: Damiana, damiane, oreganillo, the bourrique, Mexican damiana, Mexican holly. Ho...

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Boldo leaves (Peumus boldus L.) - 40 g

Traditional use: for the symptomatic relief of mild gastrointestinal dyspepsia and spasmodic affecti...

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Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 articles) 1 

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